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Up Coming Workshops

The Digital Photo Workshops

I have some great workshops coming up out west with “The Digital Photo Workshops” at The Grand Tetons National Park and in Arches and Canonlands National Park. These are both Light Painting and Landscape workshops and we have two great guest instructors, Nicole Young and Brian Matiash. Rob Sylvan and myself will be working with you on Lightroom, Photoshop and post-production skills to come away with great images.

Here is the Link: The Digital Photo Workshop

Silo City Photography Workshop

I will an instructor for a very unique workshop at Silo City in Buffalo NY. You will have great access to five different buildings that have not ben used for a long time. I will be teaching Light Painting and HDR and we will have time for some post-production tips and trick.

Here is the link: Visual Archaeology

Brooklyn Bridge

I was in New York this week for a Kelby Training event and had the chance to go out for a twilight shot of the Brooklyn Bridge. I’d been out in California earlier that week and it was cold, but not as cold and certainly not windy out there as I was trying to get this photograph. Here are a couple of images from that shoot, I’m still not sure which one I like the best.

Yosemite Workshop

I just got back from teaching “The Digital Photo Workshops” in Yosemite National Park with some great people. We were out there with Dave Black and did some light painting that was just incredible and I also had the chance to light painting on my own. Yosemite is one of my favorite places the photograph and I wasn’t disappointed with the images I came away with. We had 17 students at this workshop and I was very impressed with the work that they were doing. In this workshop we talked a lot about HDR photography and using graduate neutral density filters in order to capture the images in the park. This is because the Valley is very narrow at this time and you have a lot of shadows to deal with along with a bright blue sky.

Here are a few images from that workshop.

Tampa High Rise Office

Just completed a photo shoot with one of my clients, ASD, and I’m really happy with how these photographs turned out. They are from the law office in downtown Tampa and we had the chance to capture a sunset in one of them. The challenge for me on the shoot was a night image that we thought we’d be able to see the cityscape from. That didn’t happen; instead we had the reflections of the room, as the outside cityscape was not bright enough to overpower them. But that doesn’t stop me; I decide to turn off all the lights inside the room after we got the shot done and did a very long exposure at a higher ISO to get the cityscape from outside. I then cut the windows out and placed the cityscape inside them and turned down the opacity just a bit so that you did see some reflections to make it look more real. Here are a few shots from that shoot.

  • jacqueline lindberg - randy, I am 1 of the people who was at the Tiffany’s meeting Wednesday. you are the best photographer I have ever personally met. I love your architecture. if I were 20 or 30 yrs old instead of 70 I would be begging you to let me be your assistant and follow you around. please come back and see us again sometime and bring some more of your great stuff to show us.

Tetons Workshop

We had interesting whether for workshop this time in the Tetons. We had snow, clouds and rain, but in the end we came away with some really great shots. We had Dave Black back again and this time we decided to light paint the church of the Transfiguration. This was a new subject to paint and it gave the students a great understanding of working with light inside as well as outside. We also had a herd of buffalo walk right next to all the cars and I wish I would had captured the shot that Dave Black did just the eye of one of the buffaloes, it was incredible. One of my favorite photographs from the workshop was from the Black Water trailhead that overlooked part of the Snake River with the Tetons right behind it.

Here are a few photos from that workshop.

Any One Want To Go to Cuba?

Photo by Elizabeth Rylan

I am going to Cuba with a few of my closest photography friends and you could be one of them. This is a rare opportunity to go to Cuba, meet the Cuban people and photograph a country that has been inaccessible to US citizens for over 60 years. I am looking forward to photographing some of that great architecture before it falls apart or changes when it opens up to the US and tourism which I believe will happen with in the next 5 years, and Cuba will not be the same.

If you are interested in coming with me on this incredible photo experience check out my web page or drop me an email.

Olympic National Park Workshop

This was the first time for “The Digital Photo Workshops” in Olympic National Park in Washington State. Now when you think of Olympic Coast, you think of rain, fog and clouds with very soft light, but not for us. We had four days of bright blue skys, which can be a challenge when you’re in a dark green forest. As a benefit of these bright days we had clear nights too, and the light painting we did on Second Beach was just phenomenal. We had a great sunset and were able to capture stars as we light painted one of the sea stacks.

This is one of my favorite shots from that workshop.