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I left my heart in San Francisco

As you can see I’m in San Francisco with my wife for our 20th anniversary. But she is a very understanding person and let’s me go out and shoot some photos while she is having her morning coffee. I love shooting the Golden Gate Bridge, the contrast between the orange bridge and the blue sky is great. There is so many different ways to photograph the bridge you could spend weeks photographing it.

I lived in San Francisco for six years in the late 90’s and had walked down Chinatown many times, but this time my wife and I went down some of the side streets and discovered a part of Chinatown that we had not seen before. This gentleman was playing his violin in his barbershop as we walked by and had the greatest smile on his face as I photographed him. I will try to post a few shots from are next stop Napa, but I will be tasting some wine, so we will see what happens.

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