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More Fun With My Canon 5D Mark II

I finally had the chance to shoot a few photos with my new Canon 5D Mark II, and I am impressed with what I have seen so far. I wanted to see how far I could push the ISO of the camera and see what noise there was. I found that 1600 ISO there was hardly any notable noise. What got me was at 3200 ISO there was no color noise and the image had the feel of a slight grainy file photo, like when I would push Tri X 400 ASA film to 800 ASA. It was a very usable image and if you where looking for that old Tri-X film look the 5D Mark II dose a very nice job of it.

Next I wanted to try an HDR shoot with a lot of color and contrast to see how the camera held up. I have wanted to photography this old apartment building in down town St. Petersburg called the “glory”. It has that old Florida art deco look and is as bright aqua as you can get. I shoot it around noon so I would have good contrast, I have found that HDR can work in light that is usually considered bad light in the middle of the day, and allow you photograph when a lot of people are taking a break from shooting.

I set the camera to auto-bracket two stops plus and mines for this shot, this is the one thing I wish Canon would change and allow you at least a three stop bracket as they do in there 1D and 1Ds cameras. I hand held the camera and when I process the three images I will let Photoshop Auto-Align the photos and save the merged images as a Radices file to work on in PhotoMatax Pro. The 5D Mark II did a great job and it was easy to set the different functions on the camera, my 1DS Mark II has a very small LCD display, but the over twice the size and seemed bright in the Florida midday sun.

So far I am loving this camera and thinking of selling my 1Ds Mark II to buy another 5D as a back up camera so that I have all the same batteries and chargers instead of to different systems. I do think I am going to buy the battery grip to give the camera more of the feel of my old camera.

  • Donald Lynd - Congrats on the new camera, looking farward to seeing it in action.

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