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Hard Drive Horror

As a photographer one of the things we all fear in this digital world, is the loss of are photographs. We try to do things to make sure we have them backup, don’t format the card until it’s downloaded onto two places. I have a 4-terabit raid hard drive so if one of the drives fails I shouldn’t loss any thing, right. I found out this week that is not always true. I did not loss the drive, but it got corrupted and could not see half of the drives. No matter how I tried or whom I talked to I could not get my Mac to see the other drives.


That would mean I would lose over 60,000 images, let’s say it was not a good day. The good news is I have a backup plan, DVD’s; I have backed up all my images to CD’s and DVD’s. But the thought of putting all those DVD’s back on my hard drive one at a time made my head feel as if it was Mt. Saint Helens before it blew it’s top off. I was in a pit of despair the like’s I have never known. Just as I was going to start to drink heavily, I noticed two of my smaller old hard drives, a glimmer of hope brightened my darkness and I plugged them into my computer. I held my breath nervously as they started up, and there it was on my screen, almost all my Photoshop files, all my HDR files and some of my Raw files.

I am now spending the next day and a half loading discs instead of the next week. I have reevaluated how I am going to backup my photos, as I like to be able to grab and work on an image right away, I still plan to have them on a hard drive connected to the computer. I’m going to go out and buy the biggest hard drive I can and setup a system that will copy the other drive at lease once a week and then be disconnected from the computer and power. I will still keep backing up all my photos to DVD’s, as I keep one set at my office and another set up north away from hurricanes.

After going through this ordeal I am glad I had the backup DVD’s, but it is still a pain and takes a lot of time I could be working on some productive photos from my trip to Zion National Park. If you take one thing away from my situation, that is to come up with a system of backing up that works for you, and use it regularly. I may have lost some time, but at least I still have all my photographs.

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