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Zion Park-Part 3 Snow Canyon

On our way back from Zion National Park my buddy Jeff and I decided to stop at a state park called “Snow Canyon”. It’s not far outside Zion and a little over two hours outside Las Vegas. When we arrived at the park we wished we had gotten there earlier and had more time to spend and photograph. Inside the park are a great many diverse geographical elements. You have both red and white cliffs, black rocks from lava flows, prettified sand dunes and red colored sand dunes.

I love the one photo where a brush has grown in the middle of an circular depression in the rocks, I wish I could come back after a rain shower and photograph it with water in the depression. The contrast of some of these features makes for great and interesting photographs and would be time well spent photographing in this place where not many people visit.

Here are a few of the photos from Snow Canyon.

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