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Photography Holiday Wish List

It’s that time of the year when you start your holiday shopping and I thought I would give you some ideas to make your holidays more photographic. So here is some of the thing I would like to add to my gear bag.

Canon’s 17mm and 24mm Tilt-shift lens
I had a chance to play around with the 17mm tilt-shift lens at the Florida Professional Photographers convention in August and fell in love with it. With both the 17mm and 24mm you are allowed to shift and tilt on the same plane, where with the old 24mm you could shift or tilt one plane of angle. This is a great improvement and they have reduced chromatic aberration substantially. Price 17mm $2499/24mm-$2199

Think Tank’s Airport International V 2.0
This is the camera case I am dreaming of getting. Some of the thing I like about this case is you can lock up the bag and then with an built in cable lock it up in your room. I fits international carry on restrictions and is well made to handle the kind of use I put my bag though. The case can hold two pro-size DSLR’s and the all the lens and flashes you would need on a trip. Price $329

Wacom intuos4 Tablet
I use the intuos3 already and I drooling to upgrade to the intuos4. The new pressure sensitive pens fix an issue I hated with the previous pens and how they would move just a little when you lifted the pen up from the tablet. Price $360

Really Right Stuff
Some friends of mine have this ball head and quick-release plates and I saw how fast you could place the camera on the tripod and I also liked how when you placed your camera for a vertical shot the camera is right over the center of the tripod and on off on the side, which is not as steady. Price varies on system

LaCie Rugged Hard Disk
When I shoot architecture I need to backup lots of photos on an external hard drive I like LaCie Rugged Hard Drive. It comes in many sizes and speeds, but the one the is on my wish list is the 500GB (7200rpm) with the FireWire 800 you have an transfer rate of up to 57MB/s and is shock-proof up to over 6 feet. Price $199

This is it for now, but here will probably one more installment before the Christmas is over. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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