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Photographing A New Hospital

I just completed four days of photography at All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg Florida. I worked for four different companies, and it was spread out over three weeks because they were still working on the hospital. I found out that it takes more to be a photographer than just taking pictures, and so did my assistants. We had to install furniture, rewire workstations and become a maid service and clean floors, windows and furniture. I really like how the photography turned out and here are a few examples for you take a look at, but one of my favorites is of me in an operating room. The operating room had already been sanitized, so I had to put on the blue disco suit and lovely hat to photograph this one workstation.

Most these images were photographed using available light only, or just one strobe and I used Lightroom and Photoshop to really enhance these images. Lightroom did a great job of bringing up shadows and giving me a well-balanced image to work on in Photoshop. I did not have the freedom to style these photos as we would like, as it was a brand-new hospital that had not been in use, and in a few days they were going to move all their patients from the old hospital over to the new building in one day. Many of these photos had to be heavily worked in Photoshop because of the limits of moving equipment around and not having anything to use as props for the shots.

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