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The HDR Argument!

There’s a lot of talk about whether HDR is really good photography, or bad photography made to look good. I find this argument, or question somewhat comical as whatever we do to photograph, specially in the digital world, weather using a plug-in, filter or different effects in Photoshop we are still creating a photograph, good or bad. Some people say that because we use HDR to create this photograph that we are cheating, or using a crutch to create a good image, but I say if I’m looking at an image and I visualize it using HDR, that I’m taking my abilities to another level by pre-visualizing it.

I have heard people say that if you look at the normal image before the HDR effect was added, that the photograph is really usually meager or not that great. But I say if you don’t have a good photograph to start with, no matter what effect you add to it it’s still a bad photograph. You have to have all the elements of a good photograph, even with HDR, to create a good photograph. If you have junk and add the HDR effect to it, you still have junk that is amplified with the HDR effect; you need a good images to start with no matter what.

I have to admit that sometimes people can take the HDR effect a little too far, but if HDR is used correctly you can create some spectacular images that even the purest will admire.

Here are a few more of the images from my trip back from Tallahassee.

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