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Street Fashion Photography with Hot Lights

This past weekend in downtown St. Petersburg they opened up some new galleries, and I’m happy to say that I had a few of my photographs in the ArtOn Central Gallery. It was very exciting and there where probably over 3000 people to see this revitalization of the block that was supposed to be torn down.

For this event, they had closed down the street, had some bands playing, giveaways and a fashion show. As a photographer I thought this was a great time to try some street photography with the fashion models. But as I watched what was going on I saw that a photographer had set up three hot lights on the street to shoot the models before they went on stage. I’m used to seeing fashion done with strobes, but rarely hot lights, so I stood around and started taking a few photographs myself, to the chagrin of the photographer trying to do his job.

It was a very simple setup, three Smith Victor’s lights with regular 200 W bulbs in them on three stands. Two of the lights were placed a little over at 90° angles from each other, and one light was set in the middle and placed low. This was a fairly simple setup that seemed to work really well as the models moved around. He did not have to adjust the lights that much and was able to shoot quite quickly.

This just goes to show you that you don’t need to have a lot of strobe equipment to get some really good photographs, that all you need is a little creativity and some beautiful woman. Here are a few of the shots that I took while the other photographer worked. I did no Photoshop work on any of them, just adjusted the RAW files in Lightroom

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