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New Sources of Income

With the economy as slow as it is right now, many photographers are looking for new sources of income. Many photographers are diversifying the types of photographs they shoot for clients, expanding their client bases and looking for new ways to sell their photographs. One of the ways that I have been looking to expand my income stream is to use a company on the web called

I know a lot of photographers look at websites like iStockPhoto as taking away, or reducing their client base for the photography. But, as I have found out from a friend of mine, who only had 276 images on iStockPhoto and made over $10,000 last year, that this could become a very profitable income producer. I have nearly 70,000 images in my image library, many of which would work well on sites like

I have images that I will not place on iStockPhoto, they are my artwork and limited edition prints that I sell on my fine art photography website: I hear the argument from other photographers that you don’t make a lot of money on any particular image on websites like iStockPhoto, but it’s not about one particular image or one sale, it’s about the number of sales and the number of people looking for photography in one place.

As I start sorting through my 70,000 images, I realize what a daunting task this will be, but during economic times that we are going through right now, another $10,000 this year would help me or any other photographer I know. You have three types of buyers on iStockPhoto: advertising agencies, nonprofits and people looking for art for their homes, so keep that in mind as you search through your libraries.

Here are a couple images that I am putting up on

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