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"Vacation with Vanelli" What A Great Time!

I just returned from teaching at a workshop in St Augustine, FL, hosted and instructed by a friend of mine, most of you will know him as V, or Vanelli, his full name is Robert Louis Vanelli, but no one calls him that. V has a great workshop he created called “Vacation with Vanelli”, where he works with people in great locations and teaches them his program called the “5 P’s of Photography”. He asked me to come to St. Augustine and teach a three-hour breakout session with his students, he also invited the public to attend this breakout session.

I spent a lot of time with V and besides not getting a lot of sleep, I came to really respect how he teaches his students, his enthusiasm for photography and what a great guy he is. The other instructor that V brought in was Sandy Foster. I have met Sandy at Photoshop World before and had a great time photographing and working with her and the students.

Vanelli and a couple of the students and I decided to go photograph some abandoned WW II air planes that one of the students had heard about. When we got there we discovered that it was all fenced in and if we entered it was at our own risk. Well the risk was to Vanelli! As he was going over the fence the ladder acted like a seesaw and he fell right on his head. We got some great photos and when I talked to V the next day he informed me that his head was a little black and blue.

I know V will be holding more “Vacation with Vanelli” seminars over the next few months, and I would recommend this to anyone for a unique experience in learning photography and Photoshop and how to enjoy doing both. It really was a fun time and I’ll do it again in a heartbeat.

Here are some of the photos that I took in the day and a half I was there.

Early Morning Shoot

I could have photographed for hours, if I was not worried about getting arrested!!!

What's left of the inside of one of the WW II Airplanes.

Vanelli after his head crash!!!

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