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New HDR Programs

There is a lot of HDR news coming out about new programs that will be released over the next few months. Adobe started this rush with upgrading their HDR plug-in in CS5 to HDR Pro. They had to upgrade because there old plug-in was just horrible and with HDR Pro they now have a program that works. If you are looking for photorealistic this will work for you and it is included with Photoshop CS5.

Unified Color Technologies has released their new HDR program HDR Expose. This is a nice program for photorealist images, the interface takes a little time to get used too, and until July 31st they have a special price of $99. Watch the online video to get an idea of where to start to tone maps your HDR photo.

Nik Software will be releasing their very first HDR program very soon and it looks like it can give you that photo illustrative look that you get from Photomatix Pro. Knowing how well Nik integrates their plug-ins with Photoshop and Lightroom I am looking forward to this new program.

It has been rumored that HDRsoft, makers of Photomatix Pro will be up-dating their software in the near future. It has been the workhorse for working with HDR for the past few years and I hope in this update they work on reducing noise, especially in the sky when you push Photomatix to that illustrative.

So hold on to your hats as all the new HDR programs come out. Here is a new HDR photograph from Dinosaur World near Tampa Florida.

  • Rick Lewis - Beautiful, if not frightening, image Randy.


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