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TAPPA Photo Safari

This past weekend Lee Burgess and myself led a photo safari for TAPPA in historic Ybor City. Lee is a commercial and fashion photographer in Clearwater, Florida and he was showing us some of his approaches to photographing models. We got one of the design students from the International Academy of Art and Design to furnish some of her design clothing for the model and Lee also supplied a slightly more racy outfit.

Now as you may know I am not a fashion photographer, so I made a few mistakes as I photographed Ashley. I learned that I have to set my ISO higher so that I could use a faster shutter speed and actually capture actually the model without any movement. When you have over 20 photographers trying to take photos of a model you have to shoot quickly and then get out of the way, get stomped on, just kidding about getting stomped on, everybody was very courteous of each other.

I decided since I do a lot of HDR that I would convert some of these single images into HDR and then paint back in the model for a little bit more of a grungy look. I’ll used use Nik software’s Silver Efex Pro and added a black-and-white copy of the HDR image, placing the image on top of the HDR image and change the blending mode to Soft Light. Doing this gives the image a little bit more depth and feel that I just couldn’t get using just HDR only. I then stacked my original image on top of the other layers and painted back in the model’s face and wherever skin was exposed, but leaving the nylons alone on her leg.

Here are a few images from the photo shoot, and I want to thank Lee for all his help.

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