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I’m Just A Junk Yard Photographer!

I photographed in a junkyard! Yes, a junkyard and I had a great time. A fellow photographer and instructor from the Morean Art Center, Chuck Vosberg, set up a photo walk inside a auto junkyard. This was quite an experience as it was 93° outside and in the sun with a lot of Florida humidity, get the idea, it was really, really hot. We photographed for about two hours and probably lost 4 pounds of water in that time.

I was really excited about photographing in the junkyard, as I have been looking for textures to use in a photographic project I’ve been working on. Broken glass, wheels, rims and engines gave me a lot of the repetition and textures that I was looking for. I also found an old fire truck, and had a happy surprise finding a fireman’s hat sitting on the seat. I photographed it a couple ways as I’m going to try to use Photoshop’s hyper focus and see if I get the whole thing sharpe from front to back. But, it looks really cool and HDR two. There was his building that housed all the engines that were for sale, thank goodness I brought my tripod as I had some exposures going as long as 30 seconds.

Here’s some of the photos from the junkyard.

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