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Photographing “City Center” in Las Vegas

I was in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago for Photoshop World and had the opportunity to go to the new resort “City Center”. This complex has over seven buildings and I believe three hotels, art galleries, a huge mall and condos. The architecture was incredible, and is probably the nicest casino in Las Vegas at this moment. I had a chance to walk around with my camera and photograph a few images before they kicked me out. This happens a lot, especially in malls and in casinos in Vegas, but I did get a lot of great shots that I would like to show you.

Some of these are just straight photographs and others are HDR images. I could not use a tripod, so all these images are handheld shot at 1600 ISO and processed in Lightroom. I don’t believe that the City Center Mall has a straight wall in the place, at night they have blue lights lighting up the ceiling that are really cool to photograph. I found this colorful ice sculpture, and the neat thing about it was as each ice pillars melted and became smaller the floor in the reflecting pool would open up and the pillar would go underneath the water and refreeze, as that happened a new ice pillar would get laser etched and pop up to take its place.

I love this photograph of the bar with all the organic would cut outs, that was one of the neat things about the casino and hotel was all the organic details throughout the building. If you go to Las Vegas make sure you give yourself a little time just to walk around City Center and take a look at this unique architecture. The best time to really see everything is at night, believe me you won’t regret it.

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