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Where Have I Been?

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been a little lax on posts the past few weeks and I’d like to explain why. I have been working on two projects, the first is a show at the Morean Arts Center and the second is a book titled “Disappearing Florida.” I am in my first Art Center show which opens on January 14 that will feature 8 to 10 large prints of my HDR photography. I’m very excited about this as these will be large 20 x 30 prints and most of this work has not been seen in that large of a format.

To coincide with the opening of the show I have been working on a new book titled “Disappearing Florida”. For both the book and the show I have gone back through all 120 images and reprocessed them from the beginning. If you’ve done any HDR work you know how long that can take and in some cases I may work on a image for over 6 hours.

Because of the holiday season and both of these projects, my blogs postings over the next month may be a little sporadic and ask for your patience while I am finishing up these two projects. Here are a few images from the upcoming book and I hope you enjoy them and may you have a great Holiday Season.

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