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Architectural Photography with HDR

I just finished the job photographing the Morean Art Center and three other buildings, including the Dale Chihuly Collection, the hot shop and their Clay Center. I want to share with you a few of the images that were shot at the Chihuly as they were all photographed using HDR. I had to photograph using HDR as the extreme contrast for the galleries were great; we had dark rooms with brightly lit colorful glass. I could have used tungsten lighting, but with the cost of the artwork and how delicate all the glass was I felt there was too much of a risk, plus using HDR allowed me to work very fast.

I use Photomatix Pro to process these images, their fusion conversion works very well for creating photorealistic architectural images. I was really impressed by the low noise that Photomatix produced and how easy it was to do the conversions and get the results that I was looking for.

The exterior photograph of the Morean Art Center is also an HDR image and was a seven-stop bracket. The window in the front left corner was actually covered up as they’re using that as gallery space, so I had to take a photograph of one of a different window and replace that into that window to add more interesting shot. There is also a lot of retouching in this photograph, the orange building on the left side lost two floors to give the art center more drama and some of the windows on the third floor were not lit so we had to replace those with other Windows and modify them so they looked different.

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