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Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta

Two weeks ago I was in Atlanta for a Professional Photographers of America affiliate leadership meeting and had a chance to meet up with a friend and photographer Jim DiVitale. I work with Jim at Photoshop World twice a year and I have to tell you he is one of the nice people in the world. Jim has always told me that If was in Atlanta that we should meet up and go out and photograph. Jim took me to the historic Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta Georgia.

This cemetery sits on top of the hill and you can see the skyscrapers in downtown Atlanta from it along with some damage that was done from tornadoes a year before. Jim’s assistant, Keith came along and he showed me some of the Confederate gravesites and the Confederate Unknown Soldier Memorial. We were photographing in the middle of the afternoon and it was extremely hot and humid, so in that short time here are some the images that I was able to capture that day.

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