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Vancouver Canada

I just got back from Calgary and Vancouver Canada from a trip with Kelby Training and had a great time meeting some photographers from over the boarder. I was working on Scott Kebly’s one-day seminar “Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It” and I have to say that Scott was great and I think the attendees took away a lot of good information.

I decided to stick around the Vancouver area for a couple of days and do some photography of my own. I have lived and been to some great places and I now count myself lucky to add Vancouver to that list. It was Awesome! Driving the Sea to Sky highway was just incredible; with its snow caped mountains going down to the bay was unbelievable.

I had heard of a lighthouse in West Vancouver that I wanted to shoot and after getting lost and passing the entrance two or three times I finally found it. After climbing over rocks and jumping over water I was able to capture this image.

I ended up in the mountains at a location called “Lost Lake” up by Whistler where the 2010 winter Olympics where held. I happened to be there with thousands of mountain bike riders and fans, as a big tournament was being held that weekend. I was still able to get this shot from that night.

I had to try an HDR image with a waterfall and see how it came out with rushing water, and I mean rushing. This is Squamish Falls and one of the easiest climes I had all day. Everywhere I turned there was another waterfall in British Colombia and it wanted to be photographed, I had to stop or I would not shoot anything else.

You will be seeing more over the next few weeks as I work on the thousands of photos I took.

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