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Happy Photographic Accident

When I was up in Vancouver Canada two weeks ago and I wanted to photograph a lighthouse in North Vancouver. I had turned off my data service so I would not get charged outrageous roaming fees and because of that I had no GPS and was having a hard time finding this lighthouse. Before going further, and saying bad things about Canada that will have Dave Cross writing comments on my blog, I have to say I loved the British Columbia area, from sea to the mountains I was blown away by everything I saw. Now after saying that, their road signage sucks! I guess in America we are all dummies, so we have road signs that tell us everything and how to get everywhere, but in Canada, it seems to me that it’s a little bit more about guessing as to how you should get there. It took me two tries to finally get to the lighthouse to take pictures.

Because of the bad signage, one of my wrong turns turned into a happy photographic accident. I found this little seaside town called Horseshoe Bay and was able to take this photograph of it. I just did a video on how I created this effect for this photograph, but as I go through my over 4000 images, I think this is becoming one of my favorites.

Whenever I go out on a photographic excursions I do like to plan and do research to decide where I’m going and what I want to photograph, but as you can see taking a wrong turn because of bad signage in Canada can lead to a great image.

So my question is; was it really a wrong turn?


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