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Tampa High Rise Office

Just completed a photo shoot with one of my clients, ASD, and I’m really happy with how these photographs turned out. They are from the law office in downtown Tampa and we had the chance to capture a sunset in one of them. The challenge for me on the shoot was a night image that we thought we’d be able to see the cityscape from. That didn’t happen; instead we had the reflections of the room, as the outside cityscape was not bright enough to overpower them. But that doesn’t stop me; I decide to turn off all the lights inside the room after we got the shot done and did a very long exposure at a higher ISO to get the cityscape from outside. I then cut the windows out and placed the cityscape inside them and turned down the opacity just a bit so that you did see some reflections to make it look more real. Here are a few shots from that shoot.

  • jacqueline lindberg - randy, I am 1 of the people who was at the Tiffany’s meeting Wednesday. you are the best photographer I have ever personally met. I love your architecture. if I were 20 or 30 yrs old instead of 70 I would be begging you to let me be your assistant and follow you around. please come back and see us again sometime and bring some more of your great stuff to show us.

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