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Lightroom CC HDR Merge and Panorama

Lightroom CC is has some great new features besides being much faster importing and exporting. Two features that I am excited about are the new HDR Merge and Panorama options. If you want a realistic HDR image, it is now in Lightroom. In the new version here are not a lot of sliders that most people did not use or understand, but four buttons that you have to decide on. The Auto Tone works well in most cases and gives you a great place to start and then you can fine-tune the image the way you like.

The Panorama feature is a faster than Photoshop and like the HDR Merge work in the background so you can keep working on other images as Lightroom does the time consuming work.

After processing the image in ether HDR Merge or Panorama the image is then import into Lightroom as DNG file, allowing you to treat them as RAW files. The HDR file goes even farther by making it a 16bit floating point which has more information than a normal 16bit DNG.


Lightroom CC HDR Merge and Panorama from Randy Van Duinen on Vimeo.

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