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I will be part of an exhibition at the Morean Art Center titled: Paradise Lost / Paradise Found, opening January 14th through March 13th. I will have up to ten large framed HDR prints from my “Disappearing Florida” series. Please join me on January 14th from 5pm to 7pm for the opening of this show.

I want to thank my sponsors for making this possible: Image Creations of Florida for framing the photos and Zebra Color Lab for the great job of printing the images.

Here are a few events I will be involved in that coincide with the exhibition:

Artist Table
January 20th from Noon-1:30pm at Parkshore Grill. Join me for lunch as we discuss my photographs from the exhibition. Reservations recommended. Event is free, but guests are responsible for the cost of their lunch. For more information or reservations, call (727) 822-7872, ext. 2133

Panel Discussion of “Paradise Lost/Paradise Found”
January 27th from 6:30-8:30pm at the Morean Art Center.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) Photography 2 day Workshop January 29th – 30th 10am – 4pm Go to my workshop page for more information on the workshop.

For more information go to: Morean Art Center

If you haven’t noticed I’ve been a little lax on posts the past few weeks and I’d like to explain why. I have been working on two projects, the first is a show at the Morean Arts Center and the second is a book titled “Disappearing Florida.” I am in my first Art Center show which opens on January 14 that will feature 8 to 10 large prints of my HDR photography. I’m very excited about this as these will be large 20 x 30 prints and most of this work has not been seen in that large of a format.

To coincide with the opening of the show I have been working on a new book titled “Disappearing Florida”. For both the book and the show I have gone back through all 120 images and reprocessed them from the beginning. If you’ve done any HDR work you know how long that can take and in some cases I may work on a image for over 6 hours.

Because of the holiday season and both of these projects, my blogs postings over the next month may be a little sporadic and ask for your patience while I am finishing up these two projects. Here are a few images from the upcoming book and I hope you enjoy them and may you have a great Holiday Season.

Hi everyone. I was hoping you could help me out by voting for this image that recently won honorable mention in a Unified Color HDR Contest. I am now in the running for the Grand Prize, which is a National Geographic Expedition trip. To vote go to:

You have to log in to vote. I appreciate your help and if you want to tell your friends Great!

Correcting color with six fast and simple steps. In this video you will learn how to find a neutral gray area fast and then use it to correct the color of your image.

I will be spending time with out of town family for Thanksgiving and will have no post for today and Friday. It’s as good of a reason as any to give myself the week off and take a break from everything. I am off to golf and will have a new video on Monday. Enjoy yourself over Thanksgiving.