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If you want to get everything in focus, but you can’t in one shot this video will show how put together two or more images that are photographed at different focus planes to make one images with everything sharp from front to back. The first example was taken out west near Page, AZ and is a simple example to put together. The second example is from the bell tower in Florence, Italy and is a little more difficult with a few more steps to put together.

Hyper focus from Randy Van Duinen on Vimeo.

1383-0041Last year my wife and I went to Italy for a 25th anniversary. It was the first time for both of us and my wife knew that I would be photographing quite a bit. My wife is wonderful and understanding, as we have an agreement that I can go out early in the morning and photograph whatever I want while she is asleep in her bed and then we can meet for breakfast. This worked out quite well as I shot over 21,000 images, but of course a lot of those were HDR.

As this was our first time in Italy and we were traveling to many different cities, I needed to research different places to photograph and get some ideas of where and when would be the best times to photograph. I have been asked by many people how I knew where I want to go and where did I find information on these places to photograph. This brings me to a great point when traveling to new places that you have not been to and where to start researching for places or ideas you would want to shoot.

1413-0016My first place to start is a website called 500px. This website has some of the best of the best images, it is a high end Flickr and the places I start when I’m going to go to a new place. Sometimes it will give you the city and the location of where the photograph was taken, but a lot of times it will not and you have to do a little bit more research to find out exactly where it is. So my next place to go on the web is Google images. Here you’ll have to go through a lot of bad and vacation photography, but in the end you will find some great locations with a lot more information of where they’re at and how to get there.

1378-0536As I was searching for places in Italy I found a video by some college students who had traveled around the Chianti area near Siena and it showed this winery with great architecture. Now, as some of you know, I am a wine lover, but the architecture at this winery was incredible and as soon as I showed this video to my wife we went online and booked a tour of this winery. I a lot more images to go through but here are two from them winery.

1392-03161392-0895Another image that I wanted to photograph was of the double helix stairway in the Vatican Museum. There are many photographs of it, but most have a lot of people walking through it and as you cannot use a tripod inside the museum it would be hard to remove people out in Photoshop. I did my research and found that there was an early tour that would get me into the museum at 7:30 AM, well before the public would be allowed in. we where able to get into the Sistine Chapel before there were lots of people, but it also allowed me to get to the stairwell just as the museum opened and I was able to photograph it without anyone around.

1416-0287Another great resource for travel that will also give you some photography ideas is Rick Steves. He has a show on PBS and travels the world with quite a lot of information and he goes to unique spots that are out of the way that have great photographic potential and he’ll give you some great travel tips in the process to.

Hope this helps you get some great pictures the next time you’re out traveling around. Look for more on Italy to come.


I can now announce something that I’ve known for a little over a month and that is I will be speaking at Imaging USA in 2016. I’m extremely honored that they have selected me to speak at such a wonderful event. I had received a text from a friend of mine letting me know that I had been selected, but I could not say anything to anyone until I’d gotten the formal letter from PPA. The funny thing is I was out in Los Angeles and I was photographing a building that I had always wanted to photograph, but never had time to photograph. Here’s a photo I was taking when I’d received the news I had been selected. Hope to see all at Imaging USA at Atlanta in 2016.


To A Great 2015

I’m looking forward to 2015 as a fantastic year and I hope to make it great for you too. Starting today, I will start up “New Video Monday”. This is where I will be creating a new video on Photoshop, Lightroom, Light Painting, HDR and whatever tips and tricks I can come up with for you. These are all free and are on my tutorial web page at Studio Photoshop, so please take a look and share with your friends and I hope you enjoy them. If you have a question or would like me to do a video on a specific subject please submit your request to and I will do my best to create a video on that subject.

Workshops and Events

2015 will see me all over the place speaking at different venues and workshops. “The Digital Photo Workshops” that I co-instruct with Rob Sylvan have some great new venues this year. The schedule should be up by January 14 with the three workshops that we will teach around the country this year.

I will also be speaking in Madison Wisconsin at the “Mad City Photo Jam 2015” where I will be doing a presentation on Lightroom and Photoshop along with a mini seminar on Light Painting.

If you will be in Florida this year I will be teaching at the FPP’s Florida School on Lightroom, Photoshop and Plug-ins and the workflow that will make them all come together. I will also be at FPP’s Focus convention teaching a Light Painting workshop. And I will have some exciting news that I will be letting everyone know later this week.


I am also looking forward to producing two self-published e-books this year. The first will be on Light Painting and the second will be on Architectural Photography. More information to come on these e-books as I get closer to releasing them.

Blending Multiple Shot Light Painting

Over the last few years I have become very excited about Light Painting, from small Table tops set-ups to light painting mountains. One of the best ways for me to get the look I want is to do multiple images and blending them together in Adobe Photoshop. This video will show you how put one of the largest light paintings together.

Just got back from a workshop in Buffalo, NY at Silo City and it was an incredible experience. Mark Milo hosts the workshop and I was the guest instructor at this unique place to have a photography workshop. Mark gained access to a group of old silos in Buffalo and we are allowed to explore and photograph places that no one else has photographed in a very eerie location. The silos are a great location to do HDR photography; with all its detail and buildings succumbing to age there is almost no place you can point your camera that is not worth an HDR shot. Mark asked me to come along for two reasons, one for my HDR photography and two for my light painting. As we ended up having a lot of rain during the workshop light painting became the name of the game if you wanted to photograph. One of the attendees even commented to me after the second day about the number of flashlights in all the different rooms she went into and that apparently I’ve had done my job of teaching light painting.


For my photography I ended up light painting so much that my forearm cramped up from holding the Brinkman flashlight over my head. There are places at Silo City that have never been photographed because there is no light in these rooms, but they are incredible places to see and to photograph. One of my favorite images is of this doorway with a file cabinet in the small room. The room was completely black no light was getting in and when I walked around the corner with the headlight on my head and saw this amazing image that I needed to photograph. Two of the attendees with me set up their cameras and we proceeded to work on this image. This image is a composite of three different shots blended together in Photoshop to make this one photograph that I just love.


Another room that I fell in love with was the belt room as it’s called. This room housed numerous belts that helped keep the machinery running inside this building. I photographed it the day that we had sunlight and love the HDR image that came from it, but as the clouds moved in I knew that I wanted to light paint this room. The next morning as the rain was pouring outside and the sky was dark I took the Brinkman and went into this room before anyone else could, as they were still eating donuts and drinking coffee and I don’t do either. This image is another light painting composite of six images as I needed to light paint the back of the room, plus I had to overpower the sunlight that was still coming through the windows and was very blue.


Light Painting



As I was flying back from Buffalo and looking at my images on my laptop I have come to the conclusion that I have a new arsenal in my photography bag where I can photograph in inclement weather and come away with images that I’m very happy to have in my portfolio. When you look at these images think about the times that you said I’m not to go out and photograph because the sun isn’t up or the lighting looks just horrible and think about how you might be able to come away with some great images even in that type of weather.

Here are a few more images: