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I have been away for the past two week because I had a little surgery. Nothing big and I am well on the way to a full recovery. Sorry for not being around, but I am back and raring to go, so check out my new video and I have great article for Wednesday.

Photographic creativity can sometimes be elusive, you can have it one moment and then the next it will be gone. We can also become complacent with our photographic style and after months of photographing start to realize that everything looks the same or has the same feeling.

This is called the complacency theory and it works something like this: you come across a new technique and you like it and it’s very exciting so you keep photographing using it for a few months. As you start to look at your photographs they start to look stale, the same and uncreative. This also leads to self-doubt,” am I a good photographer” or “is this all I can do?”

Here are 20 techniques that may help you get back your creativity, if nothing else they’ll make you look at your photographs in a different way.

  1. Shoot with the lens you use the least.
  2. Shoot from an unusual angle, up high or from down low.
  3. Shoot while laying on the ground.
  4. Use the self-timer.
  5. Try using a flash.
  6. Try using only available light.
  7. Use a Tripod.
  8. Don’t use a Tripod
  9. Shoot from a car window. (Let someone else drive)
  10. Go out with only one lens
  11. Try Shooting at night.
  12. Give yourself a 2 hour assignment.
  13. Go someplace you have not seen
  14. Try shooting at night.
  15. Shoot a still life.
  16. Ask a stranger if you can you take their portrait.
  17. Try using a slow shutter speed and panning.
  18. Shoot a panoramic series.
  19. Take a photo you have seen and recreate it with your own take.
  20. Try combining any number of these ideas to make one photo.

Now go out and be creative.

HDR with Photomatic Exposure Fusion

In this video you will learn how to create a photo realistic HDR image using Photomatix Pro’s Exposure Fusion and then finish the photo in Lightroom.

I love Photoshop World. Not just all the great instructors, classes and events, but seeing all friends and coworkers that work the conference. Photoshop World also has a great Tec Expo with some of the biggest photo and Photoshop manufactures and retail vendors. One of the exhibitors was Westcott, they sell lighting equipment and modifiers. In Orlando they set up a shooting area with four different themes and models that changed each day. Here are a few photos from their booth.

Bert Monroy in the graveyard set.

Bert and his over 20 foot image that took him over 3 1/2 years to complete.

RC being shown how to wear a dress by a model.

This was supposed to be a Lady Gaga setup.

The Westcott Booth with a mob of photographers

My photo from that set.

Here is V in all his glory.

I never thought I would see Vanelli in a dress!!!!!!!!

A softer side of V! One I hope I don't see again.

Double Process in Photomatix Pro

Double processing an HDR images is a great way to give it a Illustrative look and in this video I will show you how to double process in PhotoMatix Pro and then use some finishing touches in Lightroom.

I just got my iPad 2 from the Apple store last week, and I have to say I love it. If you are a photographer this is going to be one of those must have pieces of equipment, as the images look fantastic. I have loaded about 10 folders of images onto the iPad 2 and have shown them to some of my friends and colleagues and they’re just amazing how these things look on the iPad.

But it’s not just having the images on the iPad that’s great, if you’re photographer you are going to love some of the apps that you can buy or get free that will help in your everyday photographic endeavors. There is a Photoshop app and every kind of app you can think of that will adjust or create a new look for your photo, all you have to do is search Apples’s App Store for photography and you’ll get pages upon pages of apps for  manipulate your photographs on your iPad.

It’s not just for photography, there are a great number of apps that will help your business, everything from writing, storing, time management, and you get the idea. I love Apples’s Mobile Me, as it allows me to sync all my Apple devices, home computer, laptop, iPhone and iPad without actually having to connect them to each other, it’s all done with the cloud system. This alone makes my life easier since I know everything has the same updated information on it.

Now that I am a new iPad owner you become part of the iPad community where everyone is showing you the apps that they have and telling you what apps you need to get to make your iPad even better. Which, because you don’t want to be rude, you downloading and you get trapped into buying more apps and sharing more apps with everyone else. It’s a vicious circle.

Did I tell you that I love my iPad, I just want to make sure.

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