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Photography Gear

Here is the camera gear in my camera bag and some of the lighting equipment I take with me on my architectural shoots.

Camera Bag
1 – 5D Mark III Camera
1 – 5D Mark II cameras (good idea to have a back-up or second lens ready)
16 to 35mm lens
24 to 70mm lens
70 to 200mm lens
100mm macro lens
15mm Fisheye lens
17mm Tilt-shift lens
24mm Tilt-shift lens
2x lens converter
Cable release
8 – 32gb/16gb CF cards
Gitzo carbon fiber Mountaineer tripod
Benro ball head
Really Right Stuff L-bracket for the 5D
Think Tanks Camera Case
Think Tank Belt system (I like this better that a backpack when I am Shooting)
Filter (graduate, polarizers and neutral density)
2 – Flashlights (one to where on my head and one in my case)
Lens cleaning kit

Computer Gear

15” MacBook Pro
Photoshop CC14
Lightroom 5
OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 9
Wacom Tablet
3 Back up hard drives
Keyboard (I hate laptop keyboards)

There are a few other odds and ends that fill my case, but this the minimum I like to take with me.

Lighting Equipment

Broncolor Primo 4 and Primo 2
Calumet Trailer 750 3 light kit
Einstein E640 Mono light (fast flash duration for milk shoot)

Mole-Richardson 200 Watt Mini-Mole
Mole-Richardson 650 Watt Tweenie II
Mole-Richardson 1000 Watt Nooklite
Home Depot Clamp Lights
Home Made Dimmers

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