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Once a week I will be posting a tutorial or tip that I use or really like. I hope these video are helpful to you and if you have anything would like to see or a good idea, drop me an e-mail with your suggestion and I will see what I can do.

Lightroom CC/6 Graduate Filter Brush

One of the new features is the ability to use a brush with the Graduate Filter Radial Filter. In this video you’ll see how to add a Graduate Filter and then brush away areas that you do not affected by the filter. This is one of the great additions Adobe added to Lightroom and one that I foresee using a lot, as I would have had to of taken this image into Photoshop to accomplish what I can now do in Lightroom.

Lightroom CC Graduate Filter Mask Brush from Randy Van Duinen on Vimeo.

Lightroom CC/6 HDR Merge and Panorama

Lightroom CC is has some great new features besides being much faster importing and exporting. Two features that I am excited about are the new HDR Merge and Panorama options. If you want a realistic HDR image, it is now in Lightroom. In the new version here are not a lot of sliders that most people did not use or understand, but four buttons that you have to decide on. The Auto Tone works well in most cases and gives you a great place to start and then you can fine-tune the image the way you like.

The Panorama feature is a faster than Photoshop and like the HDR Merge work in the background so you can keep working on other images as Lightroom does the time consuming work.

After processing the image in ether HDR Merge or Panorama the image is then import into Lightroom as DNG file, allowing you to treat them as RAW files. The HDR file goes even farther by making it a 16bit floating point which has more information than a normal 16bit DNG.

Lightroom CC HDR Merge and Panorama from Randy Van Duinen on Vimeo.

Changing the Sky Color with Blending Mode

Some times you can get a weird color cast to an HDR or any sky and this video will show you an simple and fast way of correcting the color.

Changing the Sky Color with Blending Mode from Randy Van Duinen on Vimeo.

PPA, FPP Print Competition Preparation

In this video I take a few travel photographs from “The Digital Photo Workshops” and discuss what I like about them and why I think they work as Photographs.

Getting Your Image Ready For Print Competition from Randy Van Duinen on Vimeo.

Travel Photography Talk

In this video I take a few travel photographs from “The Digital Photo Workshops” and discuss what I like about them and why I think they work as Photographs.

Travel Photography Talk from Randy Van Duinen on Vimeo.

Using Photoshop & Lightroom for Landscape HDR

Trying to make an HDR image the realistic is actually easy when you use a combination of Photoshop and Lightroom. In this video you’ll see how to put together an HDR image in Photoshop and then bring it into Lightroom to create a very realistic photograph. You will see how to develop the image in Lightroom using the paintbrush tool, graduate filter and the belt mode to make your image really come alive.

HDR Landscape with Photoshop & Lightroom from Randy Van Duinen on Vimeo.

Taking People Out of the Photograph

When you are taking photographs in any location that is popular you will be encountering large groups of tourist. There are a few ways to remove them from you image, one is to wait and hope you get a break from the hordes of people that are around. Another way is to be there when the tourist are not, this means late at night or before they are up in the mourning. The way I am going to show you is to use a tripod and photograph many photos and then remove the people in Photoshop.

Takeing People out from Randy Van Duinen on Vimeo.

Hyper Focus

If you want to get everything in focus, but you can’t in one shot this video will show how put together two or more images that are photographed at different focus planes to make one images with everything sharp from front to back. The first example was taken out west near Page, AZ and is a simple example to put together. The second example is from the bell tower in Florence, Italy and is a little more difficult with a few more steps to put together

Hyper focus from Randy Van Duinen on Vimeo.

Retouching Landscape

This is a quick video that will show you how to retouch a landscape image using the Lasso Tool, Rubber Stamp Tool amd Layer Mask.

landscape Cloning from Randy Van Duinen on Vimeo.

Blending Light Painting Together

In this video you we learn how to blend multiple Light Painting images together.

Blending Light Painting Together from Randy Van Duinen on Vimeo.


Realistic HDR Images with PhotoMatix Pro 4.2

This is part 1 of working with PhotoMatix Pro 4.2 to create photo realistic images.

PhotoMatix Pro 4.2 from Randy Van Duinen on Vimeo.

Blending Mode Cool Effect

In this video you will see how adding a paper texture and adjusting the Blending Mode can create a very cool look.

Editing In Lightroom With Collections

Here is a fast and great way of editing and sorting your images in Lightroom using Collections.

Auto Staking with Adobe Lightroom

In this video you will learn to stack your photos in Lightroom using the Auto-Stacking Feature.

HDR with Photomatic Exposure Fusion

In this video you will learn how to create a photo realistic HDR image using Photomatix Pro’s Exposure Fusion and then finish the photo in Lightroom.

Double Process in Photomatix Pro

Double processing an HDR images is a great way to give it a Illustrative look and in this video I will show you how to double process in PhotoMatix Pro and then use some finishing touches in Lightroom.

Lightroom Part 6 – Exporting

Here is a video that will show you how to Export your photos from Lightroom.

Lightroom Part 5 – Metadata

In this video you will learn how to create a Metadata template in Lightroom and apply it to your photos.

Lightroom Part 4 – Keywording

Key-wording can save you a lot of time if you take a few minuets after importing your photos and this video will show you how.

Lightroom Part 3 – Stacking

In this video you will learn to group photo for easier viewing and how to Auto Stack so you can group them quickly.

Lightroom Part 2 – Importing

This next installment in our Lightroom series we show you how to import your images into Lightroom and then rename, renumber and keyword your images.

Lightroom – Getting Started

This video starts my new series on lightroom with talking about the most important part of Lightroom, Organization. This is the most confusing part of Lightroom for most people, but if you get it right when you start out it becomes one of the best part of it.

Lightroom HDR Adjustments

In this tutorial we will take three images that where processed in Photomatix Pro and adjust them in Lightroom to give the images a more finished look.

HDR Part 4 – Final Touches In Photoshop

In Part 4 of our HDR series we take our images into Photoshop and replace a window and complete some final touches to the photo.

HDR Part 3 – Processing In Lightroom

In part 3 of our HDR series we import the processed tiff images back into Lightroom and do final adjustments before bring them into Photoshop.

HDR Part 2 – Using Photomatix Pro

In part two of our HDR series we will convert a Radiance file into a 16bit Tiff file and give it an illustrative look.

Creating An Radiance

This is the first installment in a many part series on working with hdr images. In this video you will learn to convert your three raw photo into an Radiance 32bit file for processing in different HDR programs.

Dodge And Burn

Dodge And Burn On A Layer Instead of using the Dodge or Burn tool, here is a way to do the same thing on a layer that is non-destructive

Correcting Color

Correcting color with six fast and simple steps. In this video you will learn how to find a neutral gray area fast and then use it to correct the color of your image.

Replacing Sky in an HDR Image

Image It is very easy to replace a sky using Photoshop CS5 and the Quick Select Tool with the Refined Edge option.

Curves Adjustment Layer

Curves Adjustment Layers are one of the most powerful tools in Photoshop. Learn how you can change the contrast of an image and how to selectively enhance the color and brightness in your image.

Blending Two Photos

In this video we are going to blend two images together to create one image with a good sky using the Layer Mask, Gradient Tool, Bush and a Curve Layer.

Using a Color Target with Architectural Photography

In this video I will show you how I us a color target and correct color for my architectural photography workflow.

Image Sharping with Lab

This is a simple video on how to sharpen your image without a third party plug-in. You can use this video to creates an action that let you sharpen an image with on click.

Nik Software HDR Efex Pro

In this video you will get a look on how to use Nik’s new program “HDR Efex Pro.”

Creating A Crop Tool Preset

In this video you will learn to create a preset with the crop tool and the use the crop tool to prepare a competition print.

B&W Conversion from Lightroom

This is an fast way of converting your color images to B&W inside Lightroom.

Using Adobe Pixel Bender

This tutorial will show you how to use a plug-in from Adobe called Pixel Bender. He will give you a step-by-step way to use it to enhance your photographs and images.

Black & White Conversion

In this class you will learn how to convert an RGB color photography to an Black & White photo. You will create an action that will give you a lot control afterwards. You will then add color back into the photograph to create a very cool effect.

Panoramic Crop Fix

In this Class you will learn how to crop an panoramic image after merging it in Photoshop without really cropping it.

Creating A Lighting Effect

In this class you will learn how to create lighting using photoshop and how add it to your image.